Northwest Grains International has successfully built a comprehensive worldwide network of suppliers including numerous partnerships within North America. Our sources are more than simply suppliers, they are our partners. These relationships give Northwest Grains International and in turn its customers, unparalleled access to the highest quality grains and grain products available in the world.


Northwest Grains International believes long-term relationships with our customers are critical to success. In order to accomplish this we have expanded the traditional way of doing business. We listen to our customers and respond to their needs. We are acutely aware the future of our business depends on how well we meet our customer needs and how well we assist them in sourcing the products they want. This synergistic approach gives our customers entry into untapped markets, provides them with expertise in product development, and offers them access to the finest products which they may not otherwise have.


Without our customers, it would have not been possible for Northwest Grains International to become a leader in the food and feed industry. The key to our success has always been, and continues to be, our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our service pledge to you is, ‘to consistently provide high quality supplies of products as efficiently, effectively and affordably as possible.’ If your company values these qualities we would like to invite you to become our newest customer. We promise to provide you with the same personalized service and uncompromising commitment to quality that has been our hallmark for many years.